My Crafts

I have my own crafts that I love to work on and sell.   My denim pillows and the Unique Ribbon Shawl.  Each of these when created is ALWAYS different from the ones made before it.  


Unique Ribbon Shawl         

Each one is different because I do not follow any specific pattern.  The disconnected ribbon snippet, or as the in the purple one, a flowing ribbon is one difference other than the color. A color chart is available to decide what color is for a specific illness or purpose.

Click HERE for more info.           

Denim Pillows & More

I make customized, handmade pillows that are EACH unique and individualized.
ANY clothing item can become a beautiful keepsake pillow, but using like new thrift store jeans are my specialty.

They are made from denim or any other clothing that holds meaning. EXAMPLE: Making a child’s favorite blanket into a pillow that they can keep on their bed to comfort them once they are too old for “blankies”.  

There are other items I can make also from denim jeans, such as:  bags, pet beds, lap blankets, etc. What can you think of that you would like made from an old pair of jeans?

Want to learn more or order a denim product?  Click on the photo below.


To Inquire, Contact me at  Facebook



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