About Us

Do No Harm

Everyone should keep this in mind.

Oh, what can I say? 
I absolutely LOVE books and yarn!

Especially books of  futuristic, mystical, magical, romantic (but not TOO sappy!), sometimes historical, and definitely the “whodunit” type. I know, I know… that covers a LOT of territory! But what a variety there is out there for us, right?  Well, because of this and my husbands love of self-help and fix-it type books and such, we have a great number of books on the shelves. Relatives hated when we moved because that equals a lot of heavy boxes to lug around!  So we decided (ok I decided) to list them on Amazon to sell. We donated some to the church and some to hospitals. But there are still a lot left to choose from! See them through a special link listed in the side bar. (My Personal Library Sale.)

Now, for this blog:

I am posting a weekly editorial or customer book review with a link to buy it ~ one of Amazon’s top pick of the week/month or one of mine off the shelf. Either way someone will like it. I say that because with all the personalities out there, a book will always have an owner somewhere.  I like that thought! 🙂

There are those who love crafts too! Knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc.  Take a look at their work on the weekly postings. They have put a lot of talent to work and may even be persuaded to create something unique just for you if you ask nicely!  Go back to the Welcome page to see the complete list of those I mention at the end of the current posting.

And before you go!  Please “like” this blog’s pages (you will find a star next to “like”). Please “like” our Facebook Page too and share both. (Facebook link is on this blog sidebar.)  Thank you so much!  And while you are looking around, please click on the My Crafts page. I am doing a little crafting of my own.  🙂

Get a cup of coffee and enjoy looking around!


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