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Reviewer quotes & comments from people who read this book:  

I read a lot of these type of books and hoped I would find something new and more interesting in this one than the last few I have read. I found lots of new ideas and felt inspired right from the beginning. The author is so good and knows how to hold your attention.


“When your mother is mad and asks you, `Do I look stupid?’ it’s best not to answer her.”–Meghan, Age 13
When is it a good idea to keep your mouth shut? Start a list of several appropriate scenarios in your journal. Can you think of a time when you spoke up recently and shouldn’t have? What did you learn from that experience?
It is a very wise person who knows when not to speak. Talk is often overrated, and it can get you into a lot of trouble, too. What would your day be like if you concentrated on listening and tried avoid talking? Give it a shot, and then write about your experience in your journal at the end of the day. What did you learn when you cultivated the art of keeping your mouth shut?


I’ve always been a fan of reading or listening to a daily motivational message. It’s helped me cope with life and its many problems and challenges. In this new book by certified life coach, Jason Harvey, we have an opportunity to read a motivational message each day. One page is dedicated to a different message designed to help you have a happy and prosperous life.
Jason writes, “This book is designed to be used daily over the span of one year. You will need a quiet place and five to ten minutes, along with a pen and a notebook.”
He also says, “Many of us capture the spark of motivation for a period of time, but then it fizzles out and drops us back into our familiar routines. This book is meant to give you a daily nudge or a daily glimmer of hope to keep you motivated. Change is not a one-time explosion of opportunity. It is a slow-burning fire that needs to be tended constantly. These pages will provide fuel for your fire.”
Every day for one year you will read a quote and an accompanying lesson or story in the book. Every lesson will contain one idea for you to consider. I find in my own life and in my work as well that most often all I need is one good idea to fuel the activity that will take me to the next level. Finding that idea is the hard part. That’s where this book comes in.
You simply read one page each day. Think about its message and how it applies to you. Taking notes helps you to crystallize your thinking. So, it’s a good idea to take as many notes as you need. Write in the book if you like. Make this book your friend and guide, your inspiration and motivation.
One thing I like about this book compared to many motivational day-at-a-time books is that it makes you responsible for your own situation. That gives you a mind boggling amount of empowerment. For example for day two you’ll read, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – J.K. Rowling
Then we read how we shape our future daily through the choices we make. Notice it doesn’t say our future is shaped by what others do to us or say about us. No. It says our future is shaped by our choices. How true!
Yes, this is a book about empowerment and I highly recommend it to you.
– Susanna K. Hutcheson

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